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Charles Christian

Join English barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, podcaster, radio show host, award-winning tech journalist and sometime werewolf hunter Charles Christian for a weekly feast of folklore, magick and scary tales. If general off-the-wall weirdness is your thing then the Weird Tales Radio Show has something for everyone, with its magazine format designed for all fans of ghosts, geek, magick, folklore, urban myths, legends and witchcraft but with a focus […]

​Charles Christian is a barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, podcaster, and award-winning tech journalist. The Urban Fantasist website is home to his tales of geek stuff, folklore, and the weird – as well as anything else that intrigues him. His best known book is Writing Genre Fiction – Creating Imaginary Worlds: The 12 Rules. He also writes and presents the weekly Weird Tales Radio Show and, a UK national newspaper really did commission him to go on a werewolf hunt!

In 2017 he was named by Sage UK as one of the UK’s Top 100 Business Influencers in his capacity as an individual “whose commentary and social influence help to drive ideas and change within the small business sector”.

He was born with a caul over his face AND during one of the “chime hours”. According to folklore, being a caul-shrouded chime-child means he can’t drown at sea but he can see ghosts and talk to the Fae (faerie folk) without fear of coming to harm. Superpowers he has so far never needed to use.

Recent praise for Charles Christian’s work and writing…

“Listening to your wonderful show now. I love the stories! Wonderful concept. Great work.”

​”Charles Christian defiantly makes my world a brighter, funnier place.”

“Wonderful show tonight full of all the usual delights we’ve come to expect.”

“Charles Christian… a man of paranormality”

​”An expert in the occult”

“The witty and knowledgeable Charles Christian.”

“The legendary Charles Christian at his eclectic best… his insight and humour alone make this a must-read blog.”

“Charles Christian is my inner spirit animal, thank you for making me laugh.”

​”The funny, wonderful and slightly cantankerous Charles Christian”

“Carlsberg don’t make clients, but if they did… they’d be Charles Christian”

“His tech journalism is always witty. He has a talent for pricking the overblown claims of suppliers.”

“Charles Christian does awesome!”

“It’s a great loss to have you leave the legal tech industry, you have made such a difference to the market place, in fact, you were the original pioneer and will be truly missed.”

​”Charles Christian certainly had the vision long before legal tech became cool.”

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