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Scott Mann



🇺🇸 The Permaculture Podcast

Caring for Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other

The Permaculture Podcast is a globally respected go-to resource for all things permaculture with over 15,000 listeners per episode. Scott Mann has built relationships and facilitated conversations with the world’s leading permaculture practitioners, authors, and scientists from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. Since 2010, this extensive collection of episodes has become an archive of valuable insight, practical tools, inspiration and storytelling.

Scott started The Permaculture Podcast in October 2010, the same week he completed a Permaculture Design Course with Susquehanna Permaculture. Originally interested in interviewing gardeners, homesteaders, and land-managers as a way to extend his permaculture education, this gradually shifted towards the emerging edges of permaculture beyond the landscape.

If you’ve read a book on permaculture or attended a convergence, there’s a good chance you’ll find the author or speaker in the archives. If not, they’ll likely be on the show soon.

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