Humans’ Legends

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    Humans' Legends Humancasting: The Podcast Workshop


 In the postapocalyptic world which used to bloom in green colours only the last shadows of the old world beings remain. They are being exposed and looked at as if they were in a museum of the old times which don’t exist anymore. The world is different, laughter now only exists as a recording on a grainy tape. Even the rainbow which appears after the acidic rain seems faded out, coulourless, with 7 different shades of grey. Only few animals still survive in ever changing conditions ranging between heavy rain and long periods of daught. The majority of natural resources has been replaced by artificial products made by technology, though only a small number of citizens of the world can afford these. The rest of them survive on the edge, in the mud and are the outsiders of the society which consists of no more than a milion specimen. Everyone else is dead.
One thing hasn’t changed. Money is the answer, the ticket to the hall of fame and those who survive. What remains a mystery is how art survived everything. Even now, the humans pass the legends about the past down the generations, they tell stories and sing songs around ever burning lamps spitting more dark smoke into the already destroyed atmosphere. The melodies are winding and cutting through the utter silence of the night and they bring back the memories of a better world. A world which was more colourful and more joyful.
For them, our world is only a memory, but they tell
humans’ legends about us.

This podcast was created during the international youth exchange project In Memoriam: Human, organized by Pôtoň Theatre and Cultural Center (Slovakia) with the partners Le MèMe EnsembLe (France), Al-Harah Theater (Palestine), love4stream and RADIORUEDA.COM 
In Memoriam: Human was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and Slovak Arts Council.
Created and produced online by: Marina Meinero, Magdalena Skerenčákova, Jeries AbuJaber, Shareehan Hadweh, Munther Bannourah, Terézia Poláková, Clara Jiménez, Louis Ferrand and Michaela Valocká with the direction of Cristian Estrella.
Special thanks to Eva Kopecká, Marcelo Guerrieri and Francisco Godinez Galay.
Main song: “Rainfall” from Oneiros Way appears by courtesy of Kool Things. The poster photography appears by courtesy of Elia Pellegrini.
We listened the music from:
Art Of Trance “Madagascar” (Michael Woods Chill Out Remix Remastered 2009)
Twenty One Pilots “Semi-Automatic”
Giuseppe Ottaviani “Sand Castle”
Calogero “La fin de la fin du monde”


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