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A new auditory consciousness

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Esta selección de músicas, sonidos y obras de radioarte son una síntesis de mis trabajos de los últimos años desde la cultura rock hacia lo espiritual, los paisajes que suenan y obras enviadas para los shows que he organizado durante tres años en la pequeña ciudad de San Justo, Santa Fe, República Argentina.
Las músicas y sonidos pertenecen a artistas de todo el mundo, y hay muchos argentinos que quisiera que conozcan.

This selection of music, sound and radio art works are a synthesis of my work in recent years from the rock culture toward the spiritual, landscapes that sound and works sent to the above shows that I organized during the three years in the small town of San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina republic.
The music and sounds belong to artists from around the world, there are many Argentines who wanted to know.

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Rubén Marino Tolosa

My name is Rubén Marino Tolosa, I was born on July 7, 1973, I am Argentine, self-taught, curious and a music lover by nature. My first expressive approaches were linked to radio and music as a researcher of rock culture and dj culture (1991). Between 2000 and 2008 I carried out the character D.J. Buenmozo in plays such as dj, platelet edition of poetry, audio and performances. Since 2009 I have devoted myself to researching a new genre: radio art and its consequence, sound. I have a natural organic and agro-ecological food store. In 2019 create M E T A L „a new sphere”, a musical and sound synthesis of many genres that I have addressed (culture: rock, radio art, ambient, electronic, classical, dance, soundscapes, folk, jazz, spiritual, mixtapes, fusion) plus the contemporary and new that I continue to discover; the idea is to work with what is currently called „musical-sound information”, using new media and the Internet as a search and research support.

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