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A chop suey of feels

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A chop suey of feels
Lost Shaman is a story of a young woman in Toronto who begins to explore her Filipino culture and folklore, and learns to embrace all the many things that she is: babaylan, witch, shaman, healer, sorceress, a powerful and strong woman.
There’s a lot going on: confusion, reflection, drama, suspense, discovery, horror, nostalgia, loss, all tinged by the lightness of youth. It’s the feels we experience everyday as we come into our own identity, navigating our traditions with the modern world.

Produced and written as a quarantine project by sabel, this podcast would not be possible without the following talented, extremely creative and generous people who came together all over the world to make this happen. Thank you so much!

Voice: Biboy, Mara, Jokovoices

Audio Master and Sound Engineer: Kristofer John Caballero

Music: Dino Juric

Design: Karen Pallas

🇨🇦 Lost Shaman crew • equipo

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