INTERVIEW • Armelle Pioline [SuperBravo] 🇫🇷

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    INTERVIEW • Armelle Pioline [SuperBravo] 🇫🇷 CRISTIAN ESTRELLA

An exclusive interview with Armelle Pioline from SuperBravo and co-founder of Holden. From quarantine to quarantine, Slovakia to France, Armelle was talking about this special times, as well as about her new and awesome musical project. We were listening tracks from this fresh adventure, and also from her partners Julie Gasnier and Michel Peteau.
Lalafactory “Je Suis Là” // Cheval Fou “La fin de la vie…” // SuperBravo “Il n’y a plus foule” + “Brumes” + “Pourquoi” + “Sentinelle” // Holden “C’est pas de mots”.


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