🇨🇦 Lost Shaman

A chop suey of feels

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MON • LUN06:0006:30

A young Filipina in Toronto rediscovers her heritage & fights evil spirits in this modern coming-of-age audio drama.

20-year old Saatchi Brilliante’s life changes when her employer, Datu, is killed in a sudden attack at the Spirit House. Suddenly, Saatchi finds herself in the middle of unfamiliar worlds: mystical salons, grand mansions, dreamlike spiritlands and rainforests, searching for the killer and the demon responsible.

Saatchi must tap into her Filipino culture and folklore and learn what it means to be a shaman, healer, sorceress – a babaylan.

Voice: Biboy, Mara, Jokovoices

Audio Master and Sound Engineer: Kristofer John Caballero

Music: Dino Juric

Design: Karen Pallas

🇨🇦 Lost Shaman crew • equipo

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