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Julián Alvarez

Julián Álvarez nació en Argentina en 1984 y creció en la Patagonia. Es guardavidas, trompetista y viajero en bicicleta, entre otras cosas. Participó en distintos grupos musicales, entre los que se destacan ToniMontaña y Hormigas Negras.


Martín Karakachoff

Martin Karakachoff es un músico de la ciudad de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Entre sus participaciones más reconocidas, está el ser tecladista de Peligrosos Gorriones, pero además es productor y músico de diversos proyectos. En 2003 editó su propio disco solista, Outsider, con diversas composiciones de música electrónica.


Paul Vens

In his early years as a child, Paul discovered the magic of nature and started looking for ways to express these experiences. When he was ten years old, he played his first chords on a selfmade wooden guitar. Later painting and writing also became ways of expressing his experiences. He made his first three albums for record company Oreade/Warner. His music could then be released all over the world. 


Scott Mann

Originally interested in interviewing gardeners, homesteaders, and land-managers as a way to extend his permaculture education, this gradually shifted towards the emerging edges of permaculture beyond the landscape.


Rubén Marino Tolosa

My name is Rubén Marino Tolosa, I was born on July 7, 1973, I am Argentine, self-taught, curious and a music lover by nature. My first expressive approaches were linked to radio and music as a researcher of rock culture and dj culture (1991). Between 2000 and 2008 I carried out the character D.J. Buenmozo in plays such as dj, platelet edition of poetry, audio and performances. Since 2009 I have devoted myself to researching a new genre: radio art and its consequence, sound. I have a natural organic and agro-ecological food store. In 2019 create M E T A L „a new sphere”, a musical and sound synthesis of many genres that I have addressed (culture: rock, radio art, ambient, electronic, classical, dance, soundscapes, folk, jazz, spiritual, mixtapes, fusion) plus the contemporary and new that I continue to discover; the idea is to work with what is currently called „musical-sound information”, using new media and the Internet as a search and research support.


Randy Seidman

Randy Seidman is one of the hardest working electronic music artists in Los Angeles. His sets are woven together with original edits, creating a unique atmosphere that has caught the ears of many.