“Fuera del Tiempo”, 19 postcards of a break by Fértil Discos

today08/12/2020 23

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Once upon a time there was a pandemic that struck the world and forced us to stay in our homes, people were compelled to distance themselves and everything that seemed normal to us ceased to be so. Fears, frustrations, anger, insecurities… were some of the emotions that took over us, and in some cases, still do. Our system has reached its limit and we do not know how we will continue.
A little lost and confused, at Fértil Discos we felt the need to give ourselves over to the inspiration (or its difficulties) that this process produced and we launched a space for exchange, to receive music created at this time.
We realized that the prevailing idea of ​​linear and productive time was, in part, the cause of the collapse. Being Fuera del Tiempo (Out of Time) invites us to think of a different time, to observe ourselves, stop and reflect … In the bittersweet state of this pause, we await the emergence of a fertile void, to better understand who we are, where we are and where we go.
Fuera del Tiempo brings together 19 postcards of a break. 18 songs and a bonus track, of electronic, composed by producers from different latitudes, and invites us to a quiet and thoughtful journey, with somewhat melancholic moods and, simultaneously, powerful landscapes to dance in.
Participate in this collage Pol Nada, Jin Yerei, Barda, El Remolón, Marco Selvaggio, Mente Orgánica, Xanducero, Cuervo Cuervo, Leo Silcan, Bicho, Manu Ela, Lautaro González aka Shoao, Galo Vermelho, Tomás Batista, Relo, Damia, The Silly Tang ft. La Sardina, Enanomalhecho, Villa Diamante and the debut as a composer of Lavender & The Good Times.

Written by • Escrito por: RADIO RUEDA

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