From Italy, VONAMOR releases their debut album

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Italian postpunk-darkwave-electro trio VONAMOR have released their debut ‘VONAMOR’ album digitally and on CD via Time To Kill Records (TTK). The album, which boasts the artistic production of the eclectic producer Lucio Leoni, follows their recent singles ‘You the People’ and ‘Take Your Heart’ and earlier videos for ‘Never Betray Us’ and ‘Fast-Forward Girl’.
Through their pulsating music, VONAMOR mixes contemporary electronic beats with dark, noise and punk sounds evocative of the ‘80s with the addition of melancholic lyrics written in several different languages, including English, Italian, French, German and even Chinese.

Track by track, the ‘VONAMOR’ album teases the audience with a wildly emotional trip around the world – through the stories of love, belonging, submission, protest, power, desire, abuse and the passion that affects our everyday lives. Stories of femme fatales and fearful memories, of burning desires, motherly loves and fatal tragedies, falling empires and latent revolutions. Music about a messed-up world that is always moving too fast, yet makes us dangerously linger between reality and dystopia, sanity and madness.

“Through our darkwave music and words, we search for the question, the ambiguity, the multiform influence of a variety of demons. We feel the urgency of questioning ourselves, our fellow human beings and the reality around us,” says Giulia Bottaro.

VONAMOR is made up of sisters Giulia BottaroFrancesca Bottaro and Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli and Martino Cappelli joining in for live performances. This project started in 2016. Initially focused on communicating images and composing scores for short films, they morphed into the trio we know today with their style, literary echoes, imperious art-pop and enigmatic aesthetics.

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